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2016 Annual and Corporate Responsibility Reporting Suite
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Client:Woolworths Limited

Date:September 2016

Activities:AGM Powerpoint Presentation
Annual Report
Corporate Responsibility Report (CR)
Notice of meeting
Online Annual Report
Online CR Report
Shareholder Newsletter

Online:Woolworths Annual Report 2016

Woolworths Group is a top 10 ASX listed company with more than 3,800 locations in Australia and New Zealand, spanning food, liquor, general merchandise and hotels. In 2016 we extended our relationship with Woolworths from developing their 90th anniversary book in 2014 to helping them with their full reporting suite requirements: Annual Report (print and online), Shareholder newsletter, Notice of meeting, AGM presentation and Corporate Responsibility Report (print and online).


The past year has been an important one in the transformation of Woolworths. Coming out of a difficult period due to market challenges with Masters, required management and the Board to navigate the key messaging for the reporting period with clarity and articulating a pathway for future growth.

Despite the competitive and structural challenges Woolworths has a number of key strengths. For the new CEO, Chair and management the reporting period meant highlighting these and working on achieving its business aspirations while working through the sale of Masters and restructuring BIGW.


Woolworths’ focus is its customers and people. We drew on this for direction of the visual aspects of the reporting suite. To ensure that the communication was in line with their retail brand advertising we worked collaboratively with the Woolworths Group team. With an evenly split shareholder base across retail and investors, the reporting suite of information needed to consider the needs of both stakeholder groups.


The communication objective was based on a platform of confidence, both visually and through the content. This enabled the report and supporting documents to reinforce the alignment to the future direction of the business.

Woolworths recognised its difficult period and by re-focusing it has articulated its commitment to providing Australian and New Zealander consumers with a competitive offering supported by higher service levels.

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