Woolworths at 90

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Client:Woolworths Limited

Date:October 2014

Activities: Interviews (x20)
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Woolworths is an Australian company founded in 1924 in Sydney. With more than 3,000 stores across Australia and New Zealand, spanning food, liquor, petrol, general merchandise, home improvement and hotels. As a celebration of Woolworths Limited 90th Anniversary, ArmstrongQ was commissioned to write, design and produce a commemorative book Woolworths at 90.


The book would touch a little on the past and focus on Woolworths now and also into the future. Woolworths prides itself on being real, no nonsense, and pragmatic so it was important to create a book which was real but also captured the spirit of the company as generated by its people.


Working closely with the Woolworths corporate team, ArmstrongQ identified a diverse list of topics which gave a broad representation of the business including sub-brands, as well as the geography and demography of the business. Twenty interviews were conducted with current and former executives, CEOs, partners, and staff members. A series of true short stories, capturing the Woolworths people living out the company values were created.


We used a photography style which candidly represented the personality of each person, bringing to life their amazing stories about innovation, drive, selflessness, and heart. The typography affectionately portrayed Woolworths past and present. Combining engaging photography, plus true stories and contemporary design, resulted in a warm and relevant 90th anniversary book. It is being used across the company and also as a gift to partners, suppliers, former executives, and industry representatives.

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