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Client:Oil Search

Date:December 2015

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Oil Search is an oil and gas exploration and development company which was established in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 1929. The majority of the Company’s assets are located in PNG, where it holds an extensive spread of oil and gas production and exploration licences. In 2013 Oil Search reinvigorated their brand and ArmstrongQ partnered with them for the rollout.


The refreshed visual identity had to reinforce their experience and reputation as a socially responsible oil and gas explorer and producer.


We created a brand story for Oil Search centred around their excellence in oil and gas production and commitment to social responsibly. The visual identity needed to be under pinned by their values: integrity, respect, passion, caring, responsible, diversity and excellence, whilst show casing the unique environment in which they operate.


We produced an integrated multi-faceted campaign, bringing the reinvigorated brand to life across internal and external communications applications, from a suite of identities for Oil Search’s enterprise management system, to corporate videos and sustainability reporting, to name but a few.

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