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MYOB is Australia’s leading provider of accounting software to small and medium businesses. It helps approximately 1.2 million Australian and New Zealand businesses via 50+ products and services with a network of over 40,000 accountants, bookkeepers and other professional partners.


The 2015 report was MYOB’s inaugural report having re-listed on the ASX in May 2015. For the team at AQ, this meant we were able to work with the MYOB team and produce a quality report as well as develop and  implement internal processes that will provide continuity for the MYOB team for years to come.  As a technology company MYOB wanted their annual report to be centred by the online experience. Visually they also wanted to ensure that their brand personality was brought to life. 


MYOB decided to deliver their report simultaneously with their results announcement.  As this was their first report, the team essentially started with a clean slate. This meant all internal stakeholders were all engaged and part of establishing the process, timing and flow of work.
Having extensive experience with simultaneous reporting AQ was well placed to guide the MYOB team on their reporting journey.
Like all projects proper planning is essential for a timely and quality outcome. The initial step was to map out their timeline and define the roles and responsibilities of their internal stakeholder groups.  Whilst that was being formalised we were then able focus on the creative element that would be applied across the entire project.



We’d like to congratulate MYOB on the delivery of their first report as a group. MYOB joins a growing number of public listed companies producing their reporting as soon as they practically can. The positives of this is that the business can be forward focused and giving the market more time to digest their results. 

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