Woolworths at 90

Woolworths at 90

12 October 2015

As a celebration of Woolworths Limited 90th Anniversary, ArmstrongQ was commissioned to write, design and produce a commemorative book Woolworths at 90.

As a celebration of Woolworths Limited 90th Anniversary, ArmstrongQ was commissioned to write, design and produce a commemorative book Woolworths at 90. The book would touch a little on the past and focus on Woolworths now and into the future.

Woolworths at 90 would be structured around the company values that have underpinned Woolworths throughout its 90 year history. It would feature the passionate, dedicated employees, partners, suppliers, and former executives under the many sub-brands they own and operate.

Working closely with the Woolworths corporate team ArmstrongQ:

• identified an diverse list of topics that gave a broad representation of the business including sub-brands, geography and demography of the business;

• conducted 20 interviews with current and former executives, CEOs, partners, and staff members;

• created a series of true short stories capturing the Woolworths people living out the company values: We love our customers; We move first we move fast we are bold; We are deeply competitive; Every cent counts; We always do the right thing; and We never stop learning.

Making the book

Woolworths prides itself on being real, no nonsense, and pragmatic and so it was important to create a book that was real and captured the spirit of the company that is generated by its people.

We used a photography style that candidly represented the personality of each person, bringing to life their amazing stories about innovation, drive, selflessness, and heart.

The typography was specifically chosen to affectionately portray Woolworths past and present. The perfect choice was the typeface Thirsty Script which is based on hand generated signage scripts.

One example of a real life short story is a 'We love our customers' narrative about a Woolworth's new team member, Chris Meimaroglou. Chris is a Facility Maintenance Technician and as part of his induction program he visited several stores to familiarize himself. One day, a customer who had purchased a bike for her daughter arrived but was unable to assemble it properly. Before the store manager could address the issue Chris walked over and offered to fix the bike himself, right there on the floor of the store. Not only was the mother extremely impressed with Chris' initiative and kindness, but her daughter could not be happier, and she smiled from ear to ear.

Chris is a very modest, down-to-earth guy who didn't really know what the fuss was all about. We asked him to bring his toolbox to the photography shoot because we thought it would be great to feature the tools that helped to get the job done. The selected shot was a close-up of Chris, holding up his spanner to camera, smiling with pride.

We often photograph real people like Chris with real stories and half the challenge is making the subject feel comfortable in front of the camera. Our photographer achieves this by developing a rapport and bringing the subject to life by exploring the spirit of the person being photographed.

Combining engaging photography from numerous shoots like this, plus true stories and contemporary graphic design resulted in a warm and relevant 90th anniversary book. It is being used across the company and as a gift to partners, suppliers, former executives, and industry representatives.