Oil Search 2014 Reporting Suite

Oil Search 2014 Reporting Suite

21 October 2015

Oil Search commissioned ArmstrongQ to design and produce their Reporting Suite. 2014 was one of the most significant in Oil Search's 86-year history.


Oil Search commissioned ArmstrongQ to design and produce their Reporting Suite. 

2014 was one of the most significant in Oil Search’s 86-year history:

  • The US$19 billion PNG LNG Project came on stream and transformed Oil Search into a regionally significant oil and gas producer.
  • Record production and profitability was achieved, with 19.3 million barrels of oil produced in 2014, nearly three times higher than in 2013.
  • Dividends more than tripled.
  • In response to the oil price fall in 2014, a major strategic review was conducted and resulted in a renewed vision. Six key strategies were established along with a range of initiatives to support the delivery of these strategies.
  • Substantial progress was made on the next phase of LNG growth in PNG, with the Company acquiring an interest in gas fields in the Gulf Province of PNG.
  • Significant progress was made on a potential expansion of the PNG LNG Project.


Following on from the 2013 theme of transformation, the central theme for the year was the completion of the Company’s transformation. Our goal was to capture this theme through a strong, vibrant, culturally-sensitive and innovative design theme and execution. The design theme and execution also had to engage all stakeholders and ensure they understood the transformation of the Company.


Cover treatment

With the transformation now complete, and following on from the previous years theme including a silhouette of the Queen Alexander Butterfly in transformation, it was now time to reveal the butterfly of 2014.

For the cover, a range of print embellishments was used to bring the butterfly to life. First, a reflector coat was applied to create the metallic iridescent appearance. Then a micro motion treatment was applied to create the tactile effect of the butterfly’s wing patterns. Lastly, a touch matt finish was applied to produce the velvet-like finish and enhance the embellishment.

The combination of these three embellishments produced an eye-catching, tactile result that also created the illusion of a beautiful butterfly in motion.

Strategy reporting

A hexagon graphic device was developed to symbolise the six-point strategy. Each piece of the hexagon represents a different component of the strategy and is used to mark content belonging to each strategy.


The ArmstongQ photography team spent one week in PNG capturing the transformation completion of the PNG LNG project and Oil Search’s other operations, community and sustainability initiatives.

Digital technology

We wanted to take visual engagement to the next level, so we explored the latest developments in digital technology enabling the integration of video.

Augmented reality (AR) was integrated into the video report to offer readers an immersive experience. Most Oil Search stakeholders do not have the opportunity to travel to the PNG operations, therefore, it was important to provide stakeholders with the visual context for the company’s operations. Through use of the layar app on a smart device, readers can access a series of videos by scanning marked pages in the report. Videos included an overview of operations at the company’s locations in PNG and MENA along with key highlights; a message from the Managing Director, and commentary from Senior Leadership Team members introducing the six point strategic directions.


Oil Search used the 2014 Annual Report to communicate to shareholders, potential investors, analysts and employees, as well as the local PNG and MENA communities in which they operate. The report was extremely well received and well exceeded the client’s expectations.

Our client was excited by the concept and unique treatment applied to the cover. They were surprised to learn about the Queen Alexander Butterfly and were amazed by its beauty and appreciated the research, thinking and creative effort we had undertaken to capture the key theme for the report.