Have you considered simultaneous reporting?

Have you considered simultaneous reporting?

19 May 2016

ASX-listed companies releasing their annual report to the market simultaneously with their results announcement are benefiting from two key points. Find out what they are here.

  1. Does your internal stakeholder group push the limits when it comes to meeting deadlines?
  2. Is your team still focused on the annual report well after you results announcement?
  3. Could your team benefit with less stress during your reporting period?

Then why not consider simultaneous reporting this year.

ASX-listed companies releasing their annual report to the market simultaneously with their results announcement are benefiting from two key points;

  1. By reaching the market early with your full reporting suite together with strong messaging, your company has the potential to receive a competitive advantage from greater attention and exposure.
  2. The business can be forward focused on the year ahead, rather than being part way through the next quarter and still working retrospectively.

Whilst this has an upside to deliver best practice with continuous disclosure, there's also a strong communicative reason for taking this approach. Having all your documents aligned, and on brand strengthens the position in the market you are aiming to hold. Satisfying your minimal financial obligation may not support or re-interpret your business strategy in a positive way.

A clearly defined company message is far more effective when it is driven by a communication platform that informs clear and consistent messaging across all touch points.

But I’m not prepared for simultaneous reporting

We knew you were going to say that. Getting prepared for simultaneous reporting does require planning and a team effort. Every organisation is different and has its own unique way of operating. Managing multiple internal stakeholders and timelines always raises challenges, which can make the task seem too daunting. However the positives definitely do outweigh the negatives. In our experience, once you go down the simultaneous path you wont look back.

Tailoring a workflow and timeline that caters to your unique internal stakeholder group and objective is where we come in. Having done simultaneous reporting for over twenty years, we have learnt how to administer this process for the investor relation teams to deliver a quality product on time with less stress.

With the appropriate planning and foresight for a simultaneous approach you can alleviate the pressure that can come working on a time critical project. Additionally, segmenting the project into critical and non-critical paths provides greater clarity on the roles and responsibilities of each individual in your stakeholder group.

If you're interested in exploring how you can get ahead of the pack with simultaneous reporting. CONTACT US for a complimentary tailored workflow and timeline today.