Break through the mute

Break through the mute

8 December 2016

Corporate and or investor communications is valuable content and should be treated with the same communication principles as other material. This article highlights how social media strategies can improve the performance of your content.

How well does your corporate video communicate without sound?

As video professionals we appreciate the value of sound and the importance of a well-scripted production when delivering a quality video. We also very aware that many viewers watch videos with the sound off. Have you ever considered how your corporate video would perform if the sound was turned down?

We’ve noticed that videos in social media channels are all created to work while on mute. They have subtitles, text overlays and are made more dynamically. In fact, as much as 85% of Facebook video views happen with the sound off, according to multiple publishers. Ref Mobile Marketing Magazine

Publishers are well across this with most news feeds now inundated with short videos that feature text or captions communicating what’s being shown. With most content consumed on a mobile device, videos are specifically designed to make it easier for audiences to consume information.

Not that we think for one minute that a video of your Chairman or CEO will go viral (unless its Donald Trump) but there is something for corporate marketing and investor relations managers to take out from these principles that can help with the performance of your next corporate video.

Text overlays, graphics and even animation conveys information that otherwise comes from sound or voiceover. These elements can have other beneficial effects: they can highlight key messaging, improve the presentation quality and help re-purpose your content for greater reach.

Corporate videos like any other content should consider how audience is consuming the content. Investors or stakeholders are also consuming your information on various social media feeds.

We’re not saying that all corporate videos should be delivered on the basis of ‘sound-off’ but thinking about this and using some of these techniques can improve the cut through on your videos and would be worth the investment.

To get the best leverage and use of your next videos think about how they are being consumed to start taking full advantage of video’s ability to engage and grow your audience? A well-produced video is the easiest way to communicate your business, its performance and targeted messaging to your audience.

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